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Peter Crichton works as a Realtor in Victoria, British Columbia for an independent Real Estate company (DFH Real Estate Ltd.) which has been around for over 50 years serving the Greater Victoria area and surrounding communities as far up Island as Mill Bay, Shawnigan Lake, Cowichan Bay and Duncan.

Peter works as a Commercial Realtor and a Residential Realtor and has many satisfied clients in both areas of Real Estate. Peter has always been interested in Photography and it's an area in which he excels on behalf of his clients.

Peter's photographic interests, apart from Real Estate,  have  been in photographing Classic Cars of all kinds at various venues here on Vancouver Island. Nature photography came to the fore when he was living up in the  Shawnigan Lake area for three years starting in 2012. Flora, fauna, plenty of fawns and the occasional black bear were subjects of some shaky photography.   Another side benefit of living in Shawnigan was being able to keep playing squash. (A sport I have enjoyed playing with varying degrees of success since I was in my twenties!). I was able to play at Shawnigan Lake School in their community squash club and also to play in a Winter league that played out of Brentwood College School in Mill Bay. Both of these World class schools hosting pupils from all walks of life and all parts of the world.                       

Now he is back in Victoria there is a switch to the seaside, Victoria Harbour, the cruise ships and seascapes, sunsets and even the occasional sunrise, boats of all kinds, sea birds and sea life, and the innumerable shots, (according to my wife), of the Harbour Seaplanes taking off and landing. With the stunning magnificence of the Olympic Mountains as a backdrop it is hard to take a bad photo when you point your camera out to sea in a southerly direction off the Ogden Point Breakwater. The Breakwater itself is an incredible monument of granite blocks piled on top of one another to provide a sheltered harbour and an increasing popular walking spot.

Peter's  photographs are here  to be shared with the world and to inform, educate and entice potential clients to come and live here and of course use my services as a Realtor to do it.




To contact Peter Crichton by cell: (250) 889 - 4000

Email: crichton@islandnet.com or use the Contact Page 

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